Sunday, 4 November 2012

Visual C++ express 2010

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express is the one of the best product of Microsoft which can be used to create and edit C++ programs and also helps run many programs like software's, Games etc. Microsoft visual C++ 2010 express contains many features are very user friendly and easy for use.

Microsoft visual c++ 2010 express contains only a 32-bit x86 compiler. One of the main draw back this version is it does not support 64-bit x86 compiler and cross compiler and 64-bit Itanium (IA64) cross- compiler. The above components supports in professional, premium and ultimate version of Visual Studio 2010.

Second feature of Microsoft visual c++ 2010 express is libraries and headers. It contains windows headers and libraries, CRT library, STL, .NET framework class library and c++ support library. ATL, MFC and Open MP features are not available in this version.

Another cool feature is the graphical integrated development environment. It enhances the graphical performance of the visual c++ 2010 express software. It is also present in other versions like professional, premium and ultimate visual c++ 2010.

Visual c++ 2010 express contains many tools like incremental linker, program maintenance utility, lib generator, windows resource to object converter, COFF/PE dumper, COFF/PE editor, MASM, Errlook, inference rules, upgrade VCbuild projects to MSbuild etc. Tool features like browse information maintenance utility, c++ name undecorator, spy++, atltrace, and profile guided optimization are not availiable in Visual 2010 express.

Debugging features are native and managed debugging. Remote, SQL and static code analysis are not available in this version and these all features available in ultimate version only. Visual c++ 2010 express also contains CSS style designer/editor, HTML designer/editor, XML editor, source code editor and windows forms designer also. In automation and extensibility contains features like extensibility of objects model, code model, project model, wizard model and debugger object model.These are the features of Microsoft visual c++ 2010 express software.


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